About us

Diné Land and its subsidiaries have brought Arizona outdoors to people like no other for 15 years; offering exclusive and awe-inspiring experiences. We want our guests to build lasting memories through unique and immersive experiences that touch the mind, heart, and soul. So, all our activities are carefully put together to ensure maximum enjoyment and satisfaction.
About us

“Hello. My name is Manson Yazzie. I am The One Who Walks Around Honanaghani clan and born for the Apache Chishi people clan. My paternal grandfather’s clan is Apache Chishi. This is the formal way in which we, Dinè, would introduce ourselves to one another and is called K’é.

We believe in the power of story, like the oral tradition of our ancestors. Their stories are alive today, connecting us to our Diné heritage while instilling spiritual meaning into our lives. On this sacred land at Horseshoe Bend, between Mother Earth and Father Sky, we welcome you to experience our evolving narrative”.

For generations, the Mansons have called this dramatic landscape their home. From raising sheep and cattle in the canyons to roping and riding on the rodeo circuit, they have always been deeply connected to their Navajo heritage, and its special connection with The Colorado River and its environment. As Dine, they are stewards of their Mother Earth and storytellers of their traditions. Their indigenous perspective and knowledge offer a unique and insightful experience in Navajo Land that you can’t get anywhere else.

Not only does the Colorado River bring life to the crops, animal life, and livelihood of communities and the Diné nation, but it also allows us to see the power and beauty of nature in the formation of the Horseshoe Bend, a spectacular incised meander of Colorado carved into Navajo sandstone. Most of the Colorado Plateau in the Glen Canyon region is made up of Navajo Sandstone, and together with other sandstone formations, it accounts for many immense vertical cliffs, and atop some of these cliffs appear white or light pink domes or bluffs. 


“It is my hope that you enjoy the experience and that you find Hózhó in the canyons and bends of your life. May you always have balance and beauty in your life and seek harmony with nature and surrounding peoples. Ahéhee’ or thank you from Diné Land and Hastiin (mister) Yazzie.”


Manson Yazzie

The One Who Walks Around Honanaghani

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